The Outdoor Headshot

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There are many decisions to be made when planning a headshot. Just as your clothing, posing, and expressions can showcase your style and personality, so too can your background. The outdoor headshot is becoming my very favorite, especially this time of year in the Fall. They have a relaxed, casual feel (which is great if you don’t like your picture taken) and can convey warmth and approachability.

Some Considerations

Here are a few considerations when planning an outdoor headshot session:

  • Choose your backdrop: You have endless choices here, such as a tranquil beach, lush garden path, vibrant backlit trees, an urban space, rustic wall, ect.
  • Timing and the golden hour: The optimal time to take portraits is sunrise or sunset when the sun is low and the light is golden and soft. If that doesn’t work with your schedule, shaded areas can help combat the harsh midday sun.
  • Check weather conditions: Build some flexibility into your plan in case mother nature decides to throw some gusty wind, snow, or rain your way.
  • Logistics: Check the location for restrooms, places to eat, parking regulations, permission to use the space, shaded areas for good lighting opportunities, and busyness. Try to avoid the challenge of people wandering into your shot with frustrating regularity.
  • Dress Appropriately: Choose something that makes you feel confident and comfortable, because it’s hard to hide discomfort in a photograph.

Above all, have fun with it!

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